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24/7 Drainage

Organisations in both the public and private sectors recognise the value of putting in place ongoing, proactive maintenance programmes to protect and upgrade their entire drainage systems.


CCTV Surveys

We deliver complete survey packages of underground assets — including drains, sewers, boreholes, pipelines, ducts and other hard to access locations — which are invaluable in establishing structural condition…


Water Jetting

Ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jetting is an economical and environmentally responsible way to carry out a wide variety of tasks. At EEG, we offer UHP water jetting at pressures of up to 36,000psi, …


Pipe Remediation

EEG offers cost-effective, no-dig rehabilitation solutions for drain, sewer and other pipeline problems through patch lining and full lining. Using data drawn from inspections, CCTV surveys and…


A Sample Of Our Specialist Services

As part of our focus on innovation and excellence, we offer a range of specialist services to add value to our comprehensive drainage, sewer, CCTV surveying and multi-utility solution.

Leak Detection
Leak Detection

As part of our comprehensive range of[...]

Rail Division
Rail Division

Our fleet includes vehicles fitted with[...]

Laser Profiling & Lateral Inspection
Laser Profiling & Lateral[...]

Our laser profiler provides pipeline[...]

Sonar & TISCIT
Sonar & TISCIT

At EEG, we have a successful track record[...]

Pollution Surveys
Pollution Surveys

At EEG we have teams experienced in[...]